Ich liebe dich Nico

 There is nothing to say. I love Nico and I wanna be just like she when I grow up. Her voice,
her smile always hidden under her palm, her deep and mysterious look,
her style and... her tragic romance with Jim. 

What always makes me smile is pictures when she is ginger. So strong and amazing woman, you think that no one can change her and then you see her ginger. Because of Pam. Because she was envy, because she wanted him, because he was her mirror image. Because she found someone like her.
Probably I would do the same... to steal him.

In my opinion she was just like him. Female Jim Morrison. So I love her madly. Never ever will be like her because you just have to born with it (character, face, and this special THING). You can't copy it. You will be clown... don't want to be so. I used high contrast in the editor just to think for a second "Maybe that was my previous life?". Probably not. Probably I was Pam. We will never know.

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  1. Wauwie she looks amazing! Lovely blog! I am going to follow you! :)


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